Wednesday, December 21, 2011


To eat, or not to eat.  We went to a Christmas dinner the other night, and found two pieces of chocolate at each place.  I got an angel and Santa.  I like chocolate, and wanted to just eat them, but this Santa had a nice face, and, oh darn.  I knew he needed to be in a painting.  I looked over at Roland's place to see which ones he got and saw two pieces of wadded up foil.  There's a price to pay, being a painter.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


15,5 x 13 cm
As I watched my grandson learn how to do roundoffs in his gymnastics class, I remembered learning how to do roundoffs in school.  My sister liked gymnastics more than I did.  I liked the sports, like basketball.  But the worst thing about gym was the blue uniforms we had to wear.  Ugly.  And if we didn't have them there nice and clean every Monday, we got in a lot of trouble.
I could have painted stripes to contrast the roundness of the clementines, but since there are so many things we round off like numbers, tips, etc., I decided to round it all off with polka dots.

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